The farm at Montura Ranch 

Remar USA here in the United States has a farm located in Montura Ranch in Clewiston, FL.  This is our first phase in our rehabilitation program for the men here at Remar in Florida.  Their stay here at the farm is usually for the first two months with the stay here at Remar USA.  Here the guys are away from all the worries of the outside world.  They are secluded on this farm that has 25 acres of land.  The land consists of a church, a house for the families when they  visit the farm, a house for the guys to live in, an eating area outside, a stable for the horses, a pen for the pigs, an area for the cows, a chicken coop, and a lake.  Part of the rehabilitation process at the farm is for the guys to feed the cows, horses, sheep, chickens, and pigs daily.  They must do daily chores to keep the farm up and their living quarters presentable.  They also have a daily schedule they are subject to go by like when to wake up, eat, shower, watch television and go to sleep.   Every day they participate in a Bible study in the morning and in the evenings they have a prayer group to finish off the day.  Finally when they finish there two months here at the farm they either will go to the guys house in Miami, FL, Lakeland, FL, Austin, TX or Newark, NJ, wherever help is needed at the time to get our mission out to others in need of help.


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