Marlins Game

Posted by on Tuesday, July 31, 2012

On Monday July 23, 2012 our participants at Remar USA got to enjoy a baseball game.  We got to see the Marlins v Braves and see them play at the new stadium.  The Marlins ended the game by winning 2-1. Thanks to the Marlins Ballpark Buddies program we were able to receive these tickets free of charge and we will be going back to see them play again in August and in September.  This was a fun, enjoyable outing for all of us here and we enjoyed everyones company and had a blast cheering on our home team in their new fabulous stadium.  Thank you again to the Marlins for providing us with the tickets and to Pastor Angel for taking time off and taking us to the baseball game. 

Posted by Kimberly Jones 


Head of the North America chapter. Been with REMAR for over 25 years.