Welcome to Remar USA

An International Christian Outreach Ministry

A ministry of Love and Compassion

REMAR in spanish means to row.  The overall picture we see is of a fishing boat out in the deep waters of the ocean with Jesus Christ. The net represents the gospel, thrown overboard into the depths of society to bring in the drug addicts, alcoholics, delinquents, prostitutes, and other street people.  REMAR was founded in the early 80's in Spain and now it is in over 70 countries in Europe, USA, Central and South America, Africa, Australia, India, China, Phillipines, and more....REMAR is a registered charity. 

REMAR USA is a non- profit organization 501[C]3, supported by the general public and private donations and contributions.  We work in the drug and alcohol recovery area, as well as social problems, such as homelessness, abused women and children, etc.  We are a long term facility, free of charge and of immediate admission.